Thomas Barlow


Hello, I'm a software engineer at Siemens Digital Industries Software. In my free time I like 3D printing, and working on software projects. Check out some of the projects I've worked on!

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Smart Flip Clock
Custom Shift Knob
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3D Printing and Model Designing

What do I make? I learned about 3D modeling from when I worked with Siemens NX, and had access to a 3D printer that I was allowed to experiment with. It was something I was very fascinated with from the start. The ability to have something be realized in physical form is as cool as it sounds. Here are a few things that I’ve made in the past, some which ended up being trashed, and some that I use every time I get in my car. All of the following models were designed and printed by me. If you are interested in learning more about any of them, definitely reach out and I’ll be happy to follow up.

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The Cool Projects

The best of the designs get some special attention. They are the Flipclock and the Custom Shift Knob.

Exhaust Cutout Holder

This was one of the first things I designed to work with my car. It has a wireless remote that connects to the exhaust muffler and makes it quieter/louder depending on how I want it. This is the third revision of the design where it’s located out of the way of the cupholders and the door handles for easy access. It’s printed in ABS plastic so that it doesn’t warp on a hot summer day.

Wheel Caps

A great application for saving money, I needed some caps for my wheels and didn’t want to wait for shipping. I designed these up to be snapped into place just like the originals and come in a color that doesn’t otherwise exist. It was painted black on the raised letters to match the style.

Snowboard Stomp Pad

This was 100% a design spawned from the want to not spend $20 on a chunk of plastic. A quick design that filled up the entire printer, and brown filament that looks like a chocolate bar, and it has kept me stable on this snowboard more than I ever intended.